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Coronavirus Outbreak: Mauritius Places 5 in Quarantine

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Coronavirus Outbreak: Mauritius Places 5 in Quarantine
Coronavirus Outbreak: Mauritius Places 5 in Quarantine
Written by Alain St.Ange

The world is reacting to the coronavirus outbreak. Mauritius is being proactive in its drive to protect Mauritius and its people. In Seychelles many are afraid that this disease will slip in and the small population will suffer the consequences. The health authorities have a mammoth task on their hands and passengers from China need to have a special que and immigration desk at the airport. Prevention is better than cure.

A recent message received says: “The situation at world level is alarming … and ours should be of top priority…”

Nigerian health authorities have begun conducting checks at Lagos airport amid a deadly coronavirus outbreak in China, where many Nigerian citizens work. The move came shortly after the coronavirus death toll in China rose.

While the World Health Organization held off on declaring a global emergency despite confirmed cases in half a dozen other countries, some African countries have begun taking precautions. Amongst them Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Botswana.

Emmanuel Johnson, a passenger who arrived via the entry point told the press: “It’s a viral infection and it may spread anywhere, no because, if we can beat Ebola, we can beat anything, no matter how deadly the virus is. So, we have the Nigerian spirit and we can beat the virus.”

The first case of the new coronavirus was confirmed on December 31 in Wuhan and it has since been detected in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States. France announced two cases on January 24.

Another traveler, Adedapo Ojo, said: “It’s in some part of China, so it’s not actually all over Asia currently. But as we know because of the global travel and the mobility of people across, you know, boundaries, so the likeliness of it actually spreading is quite high.”

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