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North Korea closes border : Coronavirus

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North Korea closes border : Coronavirus
Written by Dmytro Makarov

Why did North Korea Close its Borders? 

–  North Korea has closed its borders for the prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus, originating from Wuhan in China – but has since spread abroad.

On 20th January 2020, it was confirmed that the virus had spread to South Korea, and it has since been reported to spread to other countries such as the US and Japan. 

► Has North Korea done this before? 

– Yes. 

In both 2003 (SARS) and 2015 (Ebola), North Korea closed the borders for tourism.

► When will North Korea open the borders again? 

Unfortunately, we do not know when North Korea will open to tourism again. 

This largely depends on the spread of the virus and how long it sticks around for. 

You can read more on our website page here which we will be keeping up-to-date with information and the most recent updates, as well as answers to your questions. 

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