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The Smallest Exhibition Stand in the World

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American shoppers will soon be able to touch the smallest trade show stand in the world.  eTurboNews in cooperation with  and the German Tourism Board by eTN will bring the smallest exhibition stand from Germany to selected U.S. shopping Malls in May.

Adventure Resort in Bispingen in Northern Germany will be getting ready for many world records. They are excited to showcase at US Shopping centers.

Get ready for a high time for world records.

Adventure Resort will open to the public in April.  Once opened it will mean 365 days a year of action, fun,  and enjoyment.

US Shopping Mall expos were created by the eTN team in Duesseldorf, Germany, and are a first of its kind.

Exhibitors from around the world are getting ready to showcase their destination, their hotels, tours, or attraction in strategically selected key cities in the United States.

There is no need for exhibitors to buy tickets for their own staff. eTN partnered with tour operators, students from exhibiting countries to represent destinations and share contact information. Exhibiting starts from $750.00 with all travel costs included.

Participating will guarantee hot leads, media coverage and travel industry interest at the same time.

The smallest exhibition stand is so small that it fits in a small box. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

It will definitely pay off for visitors to visit the smallest exhibition stand – but stay tuned to also learn about this.

There is room for a few additional partners to join eTurboNewsl and to be represented at their US Shopping mall adventures. The initiative is ideal for destinations, hotels, airlines, airports, attractions and tour operators.

Click here for more information. Rates start from $750.00

Shopping malls interested to participate can contact eTurboNews.

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