Travel.Domains and DonDominio to showcase .Travel and digital identity at Fitur 2020

Travel.Domains and DonDominio to showcase .Travel and digital identity at Fitur 2020 and DonDominio

Travel.Domains and DonDominio will attend Fitur 2020 to help travel businesses build and own their digital marketing platforms using .TRAVEL domain names. Fitur takes place in Madrid from January 22-26 and is among the largest global travel and conferences, hosting more than 10,000 travel companies from 165 countries and regions. This event is the perfect opportunity for Travel.Domains – owned by global domain registry Donuts Inc. – and DonDominio – Spain’s leading website to register and manage domain names – to interact with travel agencies, destination tourism boards and travel tech startups seeking smart ways to engage with prospects and customers online.

“We are very excited to attend Fitur 2020 with DonDominio to demonstrate to the industry how travel companies can utilize .TRAVEL domain names to showcase their services and attract more travelers to their online destinations,” said Anna Carreras, Senior Business Development Manager Europe for Donuts Inc. “DonDominio is a best-in-class registrar, takes great care of its customers and is the perfect partner for this event.”
“Fitur is one of the largest travel conferences in the world, which makes us very excited to participate together with .TRAVEL domains to present new growth opportunities on the Internet for the tourism companies.” said Xavier Idevik, Director of Marketing for DonDominio.said Xavier Idevik, Director of Marketing for DonDominio.

About Donuts Inc. and Travel Domains

.Travel and other travel top-level domains are owned by Donuts Inc., the world’s largest global registry of new top-level domains (TLDs). Donuts simplifies and connects a fragmented online world with domain names and related technologies that allow people and businesses to build, market and own their digital identities. In addition to our travel-related TLDs, Donuts offers a wide variety of clear and meaningful names for use as business identifiers (such as .ltd, .), navigation (such as .careers, .support), in vertical markets (such as .photography, .cafe, or .builders) or in broad-based generics (such as .social, .world or .live).

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About DonDominio

DonDominio is a Spanish technology company that offers domain registration, hosting and SSL certificates services. Specializing in domains, they offer more than 800 unique domain extensions to businesses large and small. If you plan to expand into new markets or manage your domain portfolio with the best prices and services, DonDominio is your registrar.

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