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The brand of the President is under serious assault

A clear national agenda is a way forward form Zimbabwe

The brand of the President is under serious assault

The office of the  U.S. President Donald Trump is under serious assault,  but this story is about another president of another country, President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe.

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On 10 September 2017, I wrote a strong article which is online I quote ” Security apparatus is likely to remove Mugabe and his wife”

The response was I was dismissed by a lot of people including key academics, and many asked me, what did I see which led me to pen such an article, and if you go through the article, it literally happened on the 17th of October, 2017.

This is the works of comprehensive analysis and Research. It is important to have such in the political advisory of any institution.

I know a number of people who loved ED who have literally crossed over. I’m not sure if Mnangagwa is sure of what it means to be a President of a country and what it will cost him.

ED Pfee is a slogan used by Zanu PF and Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters as a sign of endorsing him towards the Zimbabwe 2018 elections. The ED Pfee slogan is used as a rally chant and social media slogan as #EDpfee.

Yes politics can be dirty and toxic but the person on the ground has said a lot, even some who were on the quiet side, are now coming out in the open to attack him. I’m foreseeing a situation where the top heavyweights will come out in the open to attack him. This is literally coming and politics in the first quarter of 2020 will be full of storms and raging of the sea.

There will be a lot of political waves and the boat will shake and there will be a number of significant signals leading to that. In actual fact, it is important to have political science and scientific approach on how to deal with such situations.

It will come to a time when it will be difficult to contain the storm if ED is not careful. My main concern is not about Zanu PF or MDC or any other party, but my major concern is ” the brand of the State President” which is under severe attack. I’m not sure if there is a deep foresight on what it means ” the State President”. This is my main concern. I will never get worried about Zanu PF or MDC or any other political party, but my main concern will be ” State President”, in the essence that this is the heart of the country. Whoever occupies this hot seat, I’m not worried about it but my major worry is ” the brand”.

There must be some semblance of respect on the office of the brand and literally it has been eroded by what is happening on the ground.

When ED took over the reins of power in 2017, after the military debacle, I had some little hope, thinking he will change the political landscape of this country. In actual fact, I spoke to a number of politicians across the political divide, civic society, academics, church leaders, students, activists, barristers and the response was like ” let’s give him time”, and I’m sure he will do his best.

I attended ED’s inauguration at the National sports stadium and I went to bed that very day thinking in the next 48/ 72 hours, ED will announce a pact or some sort of arrangement, with the then former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Dr Tsvangirai before his death. I was surprised to see the man appointing a full cabinet from Zanu PF party.

This is where ED got it wrong. I attended the function in Glamis arena where politicians took turns to attack and denounce ” bob”, referral to the late former President, Robert Mugabe.

It was politics at hand and he was attacked, left, right and center, and even those who loved him crossed the floor in public and the brand was severely attacked. It was a sad ending. Asante Sana, he thundered, literally giving up the reigns of power through a moving resignation letter.

That was Robert Mugabe for you. Actually many were surprised, because Bob would not accept such nonsense, but his time was up. When Mugabe and his wife, Grace, who was popularly known as ” Dr. No” or Gucci addressed their final rally at Zanu PF Headquarters, I told someone that this is Mugabe’s last rally and what I witnessed made me give some conclusion that the man will be removed by his own men and women.

This is where ED got it wrong. He should have quickly appointed ministers from the opposition, civil society, and academics. Do you know what? If ED had done that honestly today he would be an icon in the African continent ( Legacy). Apparently the then Justice Minister and former Zanu PF Secretary for legal affairs, Patrick Chinamasa boasted saying ” chinhu chedu ichi” , and the current Chief Secretary to the President and the former presidential spokesperson George Charamba who surprised everyone by crossing the floor openly said ” chinhu chine vene vacho ichi”, meaning all those who marched, were just spectators, the game plan was in ED’ s hands and his cronies.

The arrogance of the two fellas must worry ED himself that such kind of people should never be put close or under his armpits, this would endanger his presidency. People who are not principled who can sell your soul on a silver platter should never be trusted even any second or minute.

If ED would give me a surprise call I was going to give him some sound advice on what he should have done in 2017, to move the country forward. ED’ s focus was supposed to be his legacy. Alas , friends who had empty pockets, those who used to get combines literally came in and made sure they looted and this is where he got it wrong, to allow all common people to be around him.

” Common people around ED ”

The tapinda tapinda crew who came into a feast, they don’t care about anything, neither do they read anything about policies or even investment plans, what they only know is fill their pockets and to ensure that their stomachs are full. When the Presidency is in danger, they simply cross to the other side of the lake, and enjoy the assault on the ” Presidency”, without any problem. The tapinda tapinda crew is a lover ED, and he brought in those who were in hunger for a long time. He should have taken his time to study Edgar Lungu’ s style of leadership in Zambia. Initially, Lungu’ s cabinet is full of people who fought his ascendancy to power. Actually he returned people who fought hard to ensure Lungu will not go to State House, the likes of Chishimba Kambwili ( Former Information Minister), Given Lubinda ( Justice Minister), etc and the current Lusaka Mayor, Miles Sampa, and others. His focus was 2016 and legacy. Had Lungu not done that, he was going to be the shortest President ever ruled Zambia after the death of the then Head of State who died in England after a long illness.

If Lungu, leaves power today his legacy is well secured. Let me come closer home, in short the people around Mnangagwa are not good people and they want to see him gone. Some are there to loot, some are there to make their own money, some are there as backbiters and once the ship sinks, they will be saying ” pasi naye”, and I can easily foresee this coming in some individuals. Noone is indispensable so they in politics. Anyone can be replaced anytime.

The 2030 slogan is in bad shape”

This is the slogan that has damaged the brand of the State President. Actually those who are on the forefront of saying ” tenge tichipo” are the ones who will topple ED and they are working tirelessly to damage his brand. ED’ s focus should not be on ” Chamisa his nemesis, but his legacy. Mnangagwa must ask himself the following questions ;

1. What are people saying about my leadership?

2. What about my legacy?

3. What am I going to be remembered with about ?

4. What have I done so far?

5. Is this a new dispensation?

6. What went wrong during my tenure?

The honest truth is the brand of the State President is under serious assault. Forget about the economic turmoil and other aspects of socio-political developments. Let’s give space to what went wrong? What happened?

1. He brought a lot of gangsters around him.

2. He brought a lot of inexperienced people around him.

3. He brought in a lot of thieves and looters around him.

4. He brought in a lot of tapinda tapinda crew.

5. He was too tribal in selecting cabinet members

6. His consolidation of power was suicidal

7. The August 1 shootings were miscalculated. He could have easily quelled those protesters easily avoiding any shootings.

8. Excessive use of army on civilians.

9. The hatisati tambodya crew loves him.

10. His PR team is too weak to protect his brand.

In short I’m simply saying ane nzewe dzekunzwa apa anzwa. Shortly I will begin some articles on how to bail this country out of all these problems. Mnangagwa had an opportunity to redeem himself from all this mess had he taken my advice since 2017 when I penned over 10 articles on advisory and research. We are not after our stomach, we simply want to see progressive politics and development.

I will release a blue print on how to avert the Zimbabwe crisis.

The Kuwadzana incident where the Head of State literally referred his own people to vegetables and potatoes was a clear sign of irresponsible and this should never be repeated. Whoever advised him to say such stuff on the podium is a danger to our society and inhuman. This should never be repeated again.

For now, I can safely say ” the writing is on the wall”, but it’s never too late to change the game plan. The game plan is very simple :

1. Listen to your own people.

2. Remove looters from the Government.

3. A new policy direction.

4. Introduce a genuine dialogue framework, and it’s for your own legacy.

5. Reshuffle and the cabinet must be inclusive

6. Separate politics and development

7. The tone of sincerity must be implemented.

8. Rebranding is critical.

9. Propaganda should be removed.

10. A clear national agenda is a way forward.