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Six German Tourists killed in Southern Tyrol, Italy

Six German tourists vacationing in the village of Luttach Southern Tyrol, Italy have been killed in this Northern Italy province. South Tyrol is a popular resort and ski area.
A car rammed into the group. Local police are investigating the incident.
The driver was probably drunk. Local from neighboring Kiens reportedly had a very high blood-alcohol level. The driver is in hospital for further investigations.

The fatal collision happened early on Sunday morning in the village of Luttach near Italy’s border with Austria. The six people, who are yet to be identified, died on the scene while several others were seriously injured. The nationality of the victims was reported by the police of Bolzano, South Tyrol’s provincial capital.

According to the state emergency call center, another six people were moderate to severely injured & three people were slightly injured. The injured were admitted to hospitals in South Tyrol & Innsbruck.

The Italian alpine area is a skiing resort, with the Ahrntal commune, where Luttach is located, being among popular tourist destinations. Just last week three German tourists were killed in South Tyrol in an avalanche.

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