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One killed, two wounded in central Moscow tourist area shooting

One killed, two wounded in central Moscow tourist area shooting
One killed, two wounded in central Moscow tourist area shooting

Central Moscow area, popular with Moscow residents and tourists for its restaurants, high-end shops and various attractions for the holidays, has became a gun battle scene today.

At about 6pm local time, the gunfire broke out right at the heart of Russia’s capital on a street leading to Moscow’s Lubyanka Square and the famous Federal Security Service (FSB, formerly KGB) building, some 10 minutes on foot from the Kremlin’

The security authorities said the gunman was neutralized and two FSB officers seriously injured.

Gunfire can be heard in several videos from the scene circulating on social media. The footage also shows multiple law enforcement officers in full gear and ambulances.

It still remains unclear what exactly happened. The shooting reportedly started near FSB’s public office on Bolshaya Lubyanka street. The security services only confirmed that a gunman was neutralized and Russia’s Health Ministry said two FSB operatives received serious wounds during the shooting.

One video clip on social media showed a person running onto the street and falling down, while in another several people can be seen lying on the ground with others trying to give them first aid.

Civilians have apparently not deemed the incident to be too serious, as footage from the scene shows them casually strolling past crouching law enforcement officers armed with assault rifles and peeking out of cafe windows.

Police can be heard in the videos urging people to leave the area, while public transportation was rerouted. The shooting triggered a large law enforcement response; armed police, as well as the FSB’s own special forces, were dispatched to the scene.

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