Hahn Air launches Travel Agency own-card solution in 85 BSP and ARC markets


Hahn Air, with immediate effect, permits the use of its UATP-based “HR e-Payment” Agent own-card solution as a form of payment for issuance of its standard traffic documents (HR-169 e-tickets) in 85 IATA BSP and ARC markets. The corresponding permission has been granted to ticketing partners according to IATA policy guidance, notwithstanding the ongoing applicability of IATA Resolution 890, Section 1.4. HR-169 documents issued using the HR e-Payment Account as the form of payment automatically include the insolvency insurance Securtix®, the refund-promise and daily 24 hours support via its global Service Desk.

In addition, Hahn Air introduces its Rooster Rewards Programme. For each ticket paid with HR e-Payment the travel agency earns Rooster Points and receives a credit on its HR

e-Payment Account. The virtual card solution for Travel Agencies is also accepted for the booking of dozens of low cost airlines and grants access to web fares of network carriers via e-direct® – the HR Booking Portal