TAM launches new menus and wine list for 2012

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São Paulo, Brazil – TAM Airlines has launched a new menu for its international flights in 2012.

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São Paulo, Brazil – TAM Airlines has launched a new menu for its international flights in 2012. The exclusive “Sabor que faz Bem” (Flavours that do you good) menu has been prepared and developed in consultation with the highly regarded Brazilian chef, Bel Coelho. Bel’s menu offers passengers meals that are a well-balanced combination of functional, whole and organic ingredients, which are then prepared to give nutrient-rich dishes with a feeling of lightness, well-being and satisfaction. The new options are available on TAM flights as of 10 January 2012.

“Every year we conduct a major survey to find out the gastronomic trends and how to put them onboard our aircraft. In 2012, our passengers will have meals that are not only tasty, but which also offer healthy benefits and options,” explains Manoela Amaro, marketing director for TAM.

Following its tradition of consulting with leading chefs, TAM has been working with Bel Coelho to develop its 2012 menu. Bel is considered one the most exciting chefs of her generation in Brazil. Since cooking at home as a little girl, and then later working with major names from the global gastronomic scene, the chef has developed a special care for the ingredients she uses and for the visual presentation of the dishes. All of which has helped make her restaurant, Dui (, one of São Paulo and South America’s very best.

Bel’s “Sabor que faz Bem” menu, which replaces “Sabores do Mediterrâneo” (Mediterranean Flavours) that had been elaborated by Sergio and Javier Torres, who run Dos Cielos (Spain) and eñe (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), offers nearly 800 options and combinations across all classes of cabin.

To compliment the new menu TAM is also updating its wine list, a task undertaken once more by Arthur Azevedo, executive director of the Brazilian Association of Sommeliers in São Paulo.

New Dishes for 2012

In First Class the dishes on offer for 2012 include lamb chops with almond and raisin couscous, and steamed fresh asparagus; fillet of John Dory with quinoa and zucchini in olive oil; tortelloni filled with Minas cheese, leeks and chicory leaves, with tomato concassé, rosemary oil and pine nuts. For dessert, a highlight is the trio of lemon tartlet, chocolate pie and mini savarin with fruits in blackberry sauce.

For Business Class passengers on the long-haul routes, the options include grilled salmon filet with passion fruit sauce, served with palm cabbage risotto; sfogliatte pastry filled with vegetables and mozzarella with béchamel and tomato sauces; chicken filet filled with mushrooms in rôti sauce and herbs, served with creamed potatoes and turned carrots. For short-haul flights, passengers can choose between filet mignon in Gorgonzola sauce, served with sauté carrots, soybean sprouts and roasted potato with rosemary; or a rondelli filled with ricotta and walnuts in béchamel and tomato sauces. For dessert, one option is a chocolate cheesecake with berry sauce.

In Economy Class, Moroccan couscous salad with green leaves and carrots; grilled chicken fillet with fines herbs, tomato rice and diced sautéed French beans; and baked bread and raisin pudding with a caramel sauce, is one of the complete meals on offer.

2012 Wine List

To compliment its new international menu, TAM has again asked consultant Arthur Azevedo, executive director of the Brazilian Association of Sommeliers in São Paulo (Associação Brasileira de Sommeliers de São Paulo), to update the selection.

To match some of the more sophisticated dishes offered on the airline’s new menu, the sommelier has looked to source top-quality wines from different countries, focusing mainly on the most important and respected winemaking regions of Europe.

In First Class, for example, the Drappier La Grande Sendrée (Champagne/France), from vineyards that are over 70 years old, is a guarantee of success. Among the wines, the highlights include the white, Dr. Bürklin-Wolff Pechstein Grand Cru (Pfalz/Germany), and amongst the reds, La Croix Figeac (St. Émilion/Bordeaux/ France).

For Business Class passengers the selection includes Drappier Carte d’Or, the champagne that is produced in the small and charming city of Urville (Champagne/France); the white wines include Dr. Bürklin-Wolff Wachennheimer Altenburg Premier Cru (Pfalz/Germany) from one of Germany’s most highly rated producers; and the red, Jean-Luc Thunevin Château Bel-Air-Ouÿ (St. Émilion/Bordeaux/France), from one of Bordeaux’s most influential names when it comes to innovation within the strict production rules of this traditional French winemaking region.

Economy Class passengers have not been overlooked and the selection for long-haul flights includes two modern and affordable South American wines with intense flavours. The Callia Alta Malbec and the Callia Alta Chardonnay from San Juan in Argentina.

In 2011 TAM’s beverage selection for First Class was ranked as the second best among airlines from around the world in Global Traveler magazine’s “Wines on the Wing”.

Tea on board

Back in 2010 TAM hired tea blender Carla Saueressig – the leading tea specialist in Brazil – to develop a new blend of tea to serve onboard. Given its popularity, the blend will continue to be offered on the 2012 menu.

Carla created a red beverage for the airline, a colour that symbolizes the life and warmth of TAM, and which mixes the fruity flavours of tropical Brazil and the herbal flavours of the Amazon, with an added floral touch and a vanilla note, sweet like the best moments in life.

Differentiated services

TAM’s onboard chinaware, cutlery and utensils have an elegant and modern design from Dutch-based deSter, a traditional supplier to the world’s best airlines. In First Class, the glasses are made of Baccarat red crystal.

On the airline’s longer international flights (Europe, USA and Mexico), the First Class passengers can personally choose the cosmetics and other amenity items they want to use during and after the flight. In Business Class, the items are offered in practical amenity bags, and include products made by Rituals, one of the most respected cosmetic brands in Europe.

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