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Colombia: A rising tourism destination

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More companies than ever are selling Colombia as a travel product.

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More companies than ever are selling Colombia as a travel product. From the country’s rich tourism offerings both in nature and culture, Colombia is a transformed destination that is attracting global visitors. Jumping from 12 to 21 Colombian tour operators this past year, Colombia is enjoying a sharp rise in its tourism infrastructure.

“We are proud to show that Colombia is climbing the global ranks as a premier tourism destination,” said Maria Claudia Lacouture, President of Proexport Colombia. “Tour operators are a chief influencer in the tourism world, and by offering more exciting packages for our visitors we will continue to enjoy our tourism growth.”

Colombia’s rugged topography contains numerous environments that are ideal for exploring year-round. The destination’s varied landscapes, rich in flora and fauna, invite all to experience its adrenaline pumping thrills. In Colombia, adventure is waiting for everyone:

Bird watching: Containing the world’s largest collection of amphibians, butterflies and flowers, Colombia also holds the title of containing the world’s second highest number of bird species (1,865 bird species). Colombia is a paradise for birdwatchers, with countless options in the Andes Mountains, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the jungles of the Amazon and Chocó regions, the Eastern Plains, the lowlands of the Caribbean region, and the inter-Andean valleys. From June to November the country turns into the homes of hundreds of birds that take rest on their migratory journey.

Diving: Colombia is one of the world’s diving marvels thanks to the privileged features of its two oceans- The Atlantic and Pacific oceans, considered true living laboratories. Due to the unique adaptations of the fauna, the vegetation is home to a wealth of endemic species. Diving in Colombia involves visiting natural parks, traveling across extensive virgin beaches and jungles, and getting to know Indian villages and communities that preserve their ancestral traditions.

Rafting: With strong currents that run down the various mountains of Colombia, there are exciting opportunities for engaging in the thrilling sport of river rafting, an activity with remote origins in southern Africa yet relatively new in Colombia. The best places for rafting include: the Magdalena River near the municipality of San Agustín (in Huila); the Río Negro (in Cundinamarca); the Barragán River in the Café Triangle, and the Suárez, Chicamocha, and Fonce Rivers (in Santander).

Paragliding: Undoubtedly the sport that comes closest to man’s oldest illusion, flying. Paragliding is a safe and environmental friendly activity that allows one to experience the thrills of soaring above spectacular and exotic landscapes. The destination’s best sites for paragliding are in Santander, Valle del Cauca, Bogota and Medellin. Aside from rainy days, paragliding may be practiced year round in Colombia.

Sun and Beach: As a destination where the sand is caressed by two oceans, Colombia’s privileged location allows its visitors to enjoy over 2,900 km of coasts on two oceans and the Caribbean Sea. Talk about the ultimate beach vacation! With 300 beaches to choose from, Colombia’s beaches line most of the Pacific coast, while the Caribbean coast contains wide beach beaches and large resort complexes. Soak up all the fun in the sun with every water activity imaginable.

In Colombia, there is a land of adventure waiting for you. Let your heart learn to beat in its varied landscapes and rich terrains.

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