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Hainan summit encourages green tourism for China

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LUSHAN, China – The 2011 China (International) Urban Development Cooperation and Tourism Destination Brand Marketing Summit was held in Sanya, Hainan province, from November 19-22, 2011.

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LUSHAN, China – The 2011 China (International) Urban Development Cooperation and Tourism Destination Brand Marketing Summit was held in Sanya, Hainan province, from November 19-22, 2011. This is the first major annual meeting bringing together advertisers in the travel field from both within and outside of China. The event was jointly hosted by the China Association of National Advertisers – Tourism Advertisers Branch, the Hainan Tourism Development Commission, and the municipal government of Sanya.

Attendees included Gu Xiulian, Vice Chairman of the standing committee of 10th National People’s Congress of China; Zheng Silin, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress; as well as representatives from the China National Tourism Administration and from renowned world travel destinations including the Seychelles, Turkey, and Mexico. Cui Feng, Deputy Director of co-organizer Lushan Scenic and Historic Interest Administration Bureau and General Manager of Lushan Tourism Development was also in attendance. Mt. Lushan was named at the event as one of the award-winning scenic spots.

The summit was held under the banner “Think ‘green’ when it comes to tourism – a win-win approach for China and for the world.” Attendees explored ideas for developing urban tourism in the new age and on how cities could be the major driver for the future growth of the global tourism industry. They also discussed how to take into account the unique demands of each travel destination, in an effort to improve the quality of accommodations for visitors to different cities, build differentiated tourism brands, and reach a new consensus while opening a new chapter on the development of urban tourism.

At the event, the Mt. Lushan scenic region was formally recognized as a tourist destination, as well as receiving the China Travel Advertisers’ “Golden Award,” further supporting the region’s international stature as a World Heritage cultural landscape, a World Geopark and one of China’s few quintuple A-rated tourism districts. Mt. Lushan also has a long cultural and spiritual history, in addition to abundant and unique natural tourism resources. General Manager Cui Feng gave the keynote speech titled “Mt. Lushan: A Great Mountain with Significance for Man” at the meeting. He elaborated on Mt. Lushan’s advantages as a destination. Besides a brief introduction, he talked about the area’s resources and potential for development. The speech was greeted with loud applause by virtually all 300 guests, several of which later added that Cui’s speech gave them a new understanding of the region. They also expressed their recognition and admiration for Mt. Lushan’s highly-regarded reputation, not only within China but also worldwide.

During an interview conducted by ifeng.com, Cui reiterated what makes Mt. Lushan unique and special, in addition to commenting on the area’s marketing and operation models, both of which have shifted from government directed to market driven ones. Sina.com and several major TV stations also covered the event.
The summit is a major step for Mt. Lushan in establishing and promoting both its tourism and the commercial value as an international destination.

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