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In keeping with the vision to create a luxury lifestyle resort that operates according to the principles of sustainability and giving back to the community, the creators of Kittitian Hill in St.

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In keeping with the vision to create a luxury lifestyle resort that operates according to the principles of sustainability and giving back to the community, the creators of Kittitian Hill in St. Kitts, West Indies, have decided to re-imagine the project to become even more deeply connected to its philosophy.

Following the addition of renowned architect Bill Bensley to the Kittitian Hill development team less than a year ago, his unique talents and experience are now integral to the development of the project.

On April 4, 2011, Bensley presented an inspired refinement of the plan for Kittitian Hill, subsequent to a comprehensive review of the design and layout. The look and feel of the resort is now re-imagined in the fashion of those found in some of the world’s most exotic places and seeks to solidify Kittitian Hill’s position as a leader for sustainable luxury living in the region. Bangkok-based and Harvard-educated Bensley has been voted one of the top five hospitality designers worldwide (The Design 100, Time Magazine). He has earned a reputation for his ability to “transform wild landscapes into sophisticated environments,” while always refusing to compromise the environment. The architect’s portfolio of properties includes more than 100 distinctive and award-winning conceptions in 26 countries, encompassing such locales as Bangkok, Thailand, Mauritius, and Bali.

A focal point of the restyling involved the layout of the cottage hotel, in which the artisan’s village was relocated to the resort entrance, thereby providing a more exclusive and spacious environment for the individual units. The layout of the cottages was also reconceived to fine-tune the positioning of each property to harmonize completely with the natural landscape, while preserving the optimal views and greater seclusion most often found at the most exclusive international resorts. Villas now open up to gracefully-landscaped gardens where water, fauna, and light serve as the perfect complement to adjoining pavilions and plunge pools that spill generously over, creating a sense of gentle movement that blends seamlessly into the stunning vistas beyond.

Another element of the redesign involved the landscaping of nature trails and several water features at the cottage hotel plus the addition of exquisite new Balinese-style terraced gardens interwoven throughout the cottages and villas. These gardens are designed not only to beautify the resort community with delicate flowering plants, but also to yield fruits and vegetables to supply the resort, all a part of creating a breathless utopia for owners and guests through Kittitian Hill’s holistic appeal.

Relish the transcendent aura of the natural elements and marvel at the poetic fusion of light and serenity at Kittitian Hill.


After the resort re-imagining, the Kittitian Hill administrative office was re-located onto the property in order to more closely nourish the development of the vision in early May 2011. This calculated strategic move saw the commencement of major construction at Kittitian Hill. In fact, the opening of Phase 1A in December 2012, which includes 90 cottages, 24 villas, and the golf course, is now progressing ahead of the schedule.

All cottage lots are surveyed and marked off, and two cottages, as well as one villa, are near completion. Construction of several other properties are currently underway. All artery roads are now cleared, opening the way for the bulk of construction to begin. Topsoil has been cleared and stockpiled at the golf course and the holes are, at present, clearly defined. Bulk earthworks are finalized on the driving range and on holes # 1, # 9,# 10,# 11, and #18.

The Sedona Management team, which is the hotel operator for Kittitian Hill, will maintain quarterly visits for the balance of this year to continually assess the progress of construction. In early 2012, Sedona will set up operations at Kittitian Hill, in collaboration with the creative team leading Kittitian Hill’s advancement from Belmont Resorts Management Company.

Finally, the property’s concierge service is now operational and has been communicating with Kittitian Hill’s villa and property owners on updates relating to their individual investments.


St. Kitts will soon be home to a second world-class18-hole golf course, scheduled to open in December 2012. Designed by Ian Woosnam, in association with European Golf Design, the course is situated amidst the cool, scenic lower slopes of Mount Liamuiga. At 6,825 yards, the par 72 course will provide an enjoyable and exciting experience for all golfers. The winding link-style layout of the golf course utilizes the natural terrain to create a unique layout for play that employs the numerous ghauts (valleys) to provide challenging hazards that must be carefully negotiated to reach the verdant rolling greens.


Beginning with the driving range, golfers will be able to enjoy spectacular views out over the sparkling Caribbean from every hole on the golf course. The winding cart paths will take golfers down into and among the ghauts, giving them the opportunity to shelter from the sun and experience the cooler, canopied environment that exists within.


The golf course will be surrounded by an expansive array of fruit trees that will both add to the aesthetics of the course and create an edible landscape to be relished by both golfers and guests alike. To help replenish the natural groundwater aquifers that exist below the site, the run-off system for the course has been designed to maximize drainage capture. In fact, every aspect of the golf course construction methods has been meticulously scrutinized to ensure its compliance with the principles of sustainability. To that end, only the fairways and greens will be grassed and irrigated, whereas areas immediately outside the fairways will be sensitively cultivated to encourage the lush native grasses to flourish without requiring any special fertilizing or irrigating.


Nestled in the slopes of Mount Liamuiga (the original Carib Indian name for St. Kitts, which means “fertile land”), Kittitian Hill is endowed with a perfect food basket. It will be home to a multitude of fruit-bearing trees, giving guests and owners an ample supply of nourishment and vitamins.

The property will be home to over 30 varieties of mangoes, known as one of the world’s finest fruits because it is deliciously rich in antioxidants, potassium, and fiber. An average mango can contain up to 40% of an individual’s daily fiber requirement, which helps to prevent degenerative diseases and may help prevent certain types of cancer and lower blood cholesterol levels. A mango a day, will certainly keep the doctor away.

In addition to mangoes, Kittitian Hill will also house a variety of fruit trees such as avocados, cherries, carambolas (star fruit), guavas and citrus to ensure a year-round supply of fresh fruit. A dedicated nursery will grow a variety of seasoning herbs, peppers, and spices, and all of these will be incorporated in the cuisine created and served on property.


Kittitian Hill is a contemporary Caribbean community founded on the principles of holistic, sustainable development. While it is recognized that truly sustainable development is a challenge faced by all countries around the globe, the vision for Kittitian Hill is rooted in the firmly held belief that the long-term sustainable development of the Caribbean is the responsibility of not only the people who live in the region but also those who visit and that new business models must be created based on a mutually-beneficial approach to development.

The goal at Kittitian Hill is to use and manage the environment for economic development purposes without neglecting the needs of the environment and the thriving culture of the people within. Respect for the surrounding land and peoples are of utmost importance. Participation of the locals is essential to tourism development, and the Kittitian Hill team is dedicated to engaging the nearby populace to participate in the creation of the greater community.

Part of Kittitian Hill’s promise to the community is job creation; thus far, Kittitian Hill has employed over 100 workers both in construction and in the nursery. As construction rapidly progresses, contract packages to build specific units are allotted to local contractors in the nearby communities. Once each unit is complete within the assigned time frame and to the specifications outlined, the contractor will be awarded another contract to build a similar unit. This strategy has been very successful to date, without the need for or associated cost of employing a general contractor. This community involvement is likely to result in more holistic decisions and a greater motivation on the part of the local people.



Winston Lake, Nursery Supervisor, is one of the first individuals to be employed by Kittitian Hill, having started work at the property in October of 2006. Born
September 11, 1943, to plantation workers, Mr. Lake worked in the island’s sugar industry for over 43 years prior to joining the team. He started his former career as a Junior Overseer at a sugar estate, financed his way to college where he pursued studies at the University of the West Indies –Jamaica Campus, and attained a Diploma in Agriculture in 1978.

Mr. Lake is considered the company’s historian and one of the most valued employees. He provides a wealth of information about the sugar estates and the country’s history dating back several decades, knowledge which he delights in sharing with interested guests.


As many of Kittitian Hill owners and guests will be interacting with her on a regular basis, Ms. Johan Kelly, Kittitian Hill’s Concierge is introduced here. Ms. Kelly first met Val Kempadoo, Managing Director of Terra Forma Developments (the developer of Kittitian Hill), in November 2004 when she was a contestant in the National Carnival Queen Pageant that’s held annually as part of the island’s annual Carnival celebration. Seeing the potential for building brand awareness on a local level, Mr. Kempadoo decided to have Kittitian Hill become her sponsor. Ms. Kelly won the Queen title that year and subsequently went on to study at a University in Mexico, where she used her scholarship to earn a degree in Tourism Management.

Upon returning home to St. Kitts five and a half years later in May 2011, Ms. Kelly again met Mr. Kempadoo and, as they say, the rest is history. Upon joining the Kittitian Hill team, she said, “Kittitian Hill feels like a natural continuance down the path of my personal and professional development. The knowledge I have about this project, the philosophy of the company, and the standards for quality service held by Kittitian Hill excites me and makes me proud to be its Concierge.”


As if owning your own piece of paradise was not enough, Kittitian Hill is offering its residents participation in St. Kitts’ Citizenship-by-Investment program. The program allows anyone who invests US$350,000 or more via a purchase in a designated real estate project to obtain citizenship in the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. For the buyer, economic benefits of dual citizenship are clear – the twin islands have no personal income tax, gift tax, wealth and inheritance tax, no estate duty, and no long-term capital gains taxes. In addition, the island has a stable political environment, modern infrastructure, and stable currency with English as its official language. To learn more about the program, visit or call 869-465-1153.


In addition to the Citizenship by Investment Program, those who buy at Kittitian Hill have even more benefits to ownership:

• Your Citizenship by Investment application will be processed quickly and securely using escrow services of PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

• A special Investment Option guarantees a 2% annual interest on funds in escrow and a 4% annual interest for 3 years after your unit is handed over to you. This option also means that no additional payments are required during a 5 year guaranteed period.

• Properties and fractions purchased for $400,000 or more come with stamp duty, a furniture package and have all legal and conveyancing fees included.

To be one of the first to discover the splendor of Kittitian Hill, inquire about real estate opportunities with its experienced sales professionals today. Phone: +869 466 1712, Email: [email protected] , Web:

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