Which US state are India’s tourists heading to?


INDIA (eTN) – Rich history, great monuments, good shopping, and excellent educational opportunities, coupled with an ideal location, are the factors which attract more and more Indians to Philadelphia.

This is how the articulate, scholarly Jack Ferguson, president and CEO of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, explained the reasons why his area is popular with visitors.

In 2013, the place recorded a 24 percent increase in arrivals from India, when 31,000 Indians came to see the many positive aspects of Philadelphia.

English language was another common factor, he said, adding that there were more than 110 good colleges in Philadelphia.

The location between New York and Washington made the area very convenient to come to.

Lower prices and quality goods made for good shopping, especially of jewelry, which was a major attraction and interest for Indians.

It was a city of buildings, love, and brotherly affection, Ferguson quipped.

Tax-free shopping was another unique selling point, along with many museums and evening activities.

There are also more than 70 Indian restaurants.