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How safe is New York for Israeli visitors after this weeks violent attack?

Police: 2 tourists violently attacked, tasered at subway stop in New York City
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Many Israeli visitors have New York on top of their must to go places.  New York is perceived as a safe city for Israel tourists.
This may have changed at least for two young ladies that just returned to Tel Aviv after they were victims of a violent attack in a New York Subway Station on Thursday night.
Don’t get involved was the response when pedestrians in New York city walked by and witnesses the attack and decided to mind  their own business.
Police are looking for a pair of suspects after the two female tourists were beaten and tasered at a subway stop in New York City. Thursday night.
Authorities say the victims exited their train just after midnight Thursday when a male and a female believed to be teenagers set upon them, yanking one of them to the floor of a staircase, grabbing her purse and punching her again and again.

The attack went on for almost five minutes. The tourists were heading back to their vacation apartment on their last night in New York at the time, and cameras captured the brutal assault.

Police say one of the victims tried to chase the two robbers, one of whom shoved her away. The suspects then fled the scene. It’s not clear if the crime was drug-related.

The victims’ wallets and phones were stolen. They are now back in Israel.

New York is the safest large metropolis of the US, with a crime rate per inhabitant even lower than the national average. However, given its status as the most visited city in the US, petty theft against tourists is not uncommon. The city also have some rough neighborhoods which are unadvised for tourists.

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