Tourism Ambassadors promote Seychelles to the world

Tourism Ambassadors - Newsletter Issue 14-1
Tourism Ambassadors - Newsletter Issue 14-1
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The Seychelles Tourism Board is maintaining its dynamic approach of keeping the world informed of the positive developments taking place in their country.

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The Seychelles Tourism Board is maintaining its dynamic approach of keeping the world informed of the positive developments taking place in their country. Over a year ago, they launched the innovative Seychelles Tourism Ambassador program, which was essentially installing “foot soldiers” in the four corners of the world through recognizing Seychellois nationals who had migrated to these countries. These appointments came with the introduction of regular official updates to ensure these country tourism ambassadors are updated with the latest news of Seychelles.

This week, the latest issue of the Seychelles Tourism Ambassador newsletter has been issued and it reports on the achievements of the Seychelles’ tourism industry and gives updates on what members of the Tourism Ambassadors program has been doing to help put Seychelles at the forefront.

On the first page of the newsletter, the Seychelles Tourism Board thanked all its Tourism Ambassadors for their individual and collective efforts in prompting Seychelles to the world.

Since its initiation, the Seychelles Tourism Ambassador portfolio has increased to over 100 members, and each representative is continuously helping to push Seychelles further on the travel market.

“Every support we have received from our group of Seychelles representatives has been greatly appreciated. Whether big or small, your kind efforts have no doubt been an invaluable component to the success of the Tourism Board,” the Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Alain St.Ange said.

Jimmy Butt, the tourism ambassador for Zambia, has again this year extended his contribution towards the annual Seychelles Photo Competition, which was launched in July by the Seychelles Tourism Board. Mr. Butt is sponsoring the star prize of R10, 000 (US$1,000 approximately). He will also sponsor the prizes for the 3rd and 4th edition.

He has also reaffirmed his support for the 2013 and 2014 photo competition.
The tourism ambassador from USA, Jacqueline Elias, holidayed in Seychelles recently with her family. A keen kite surfer, Mrs. Elias shared her experience and has proved that the islands of Seychelles should not be a disappointment to kite surfing fans, as the island is blessed with all the right elements for the sport.

At another level, Seychelles’ tourism head Mr. St.Ange was invited to a special evening held in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. It was the Seychelles Tourism Ambassador, Maryvonne Pool, who is also the Seychelles Honorary Consul there, who hosted the elaborate event.

The event was attended by Minister Jihad Abdillah Hassan, the Minister responsible for Information, Culture Tourism and Sport from the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar in Tanzania along with diplomats accredited to Tanzania, representative from international agencies, airlines, Tanzania tourism and trade representatives, and the press.

After his address, which he used to entice the crowd present to be part of the Seychelles carnival held annually in March, Mr. St.Ange presented a signed copy of the Seychelles carnival book, “Seychelles, Enters the World of Carnival,” to Minister Jihad Abdillah Hassan.

From Germany, the German musician and actor Robert Blanco has reiterated, “We shall be back soon,” during a special dinner party hosted for him and his wife by the Tourism Ambassador for Germany, Lindy Scheele, and husband Michael.

Mr. Blanco was referring to a next holiday in Seychelles following his recent wedding in the islands, where he revealed that he had the time of his life. He had loved the islands so much that he now wants to return for a second time.

Also present for the dinner was Mr. St.Ange, along with the Tourism Board’s Senior Marketing Executive, Sharen Venus, and Marketing Executive Christine Vel, who were both accompanying him on a 5-day working mission in Germany, along with Frankfurt-based manager for the Seychelles Tourism Board in Germany, Edith Hunzinger.

After paving its way as one of the top destinations in the world, Seychelles is now working towards a more events-based destination, which diversifies its attractions and aims to pull more tourists to the islands.

With this in mind, the Seychelles Tourism Board has announced that it will be hosting and organizing the Miss Seychelles beauty pageant in July 2012. This will open the door for partnership with the annual Miss Southern African International and the Miss World Pageant.

Seychelles will also join the rest of the world in marking World Tourism Day on September 27, and a number of activities have been organized for this occasion. The “Seychelles Ball,” an event held during the World Tourism Week, has grown bigger and is set to be the “do” of the year. This event, which brings the government and all tourism stakeholders together, celebrating in a social atmosphere, will take place on September 24.

Seychelles will be the first host of the Global Cultural Ambassador in 2012. This was announced recently in Beijing during the 14th International Friendship and Culture Festival, and in front of more than 100 ambassadors and diplomats, as well as a large audience representing Chinese media and tourism industry.

The 1st Global Cultural Ambassador Award-GCAA will be a spectacular cultural pageant with male and female competitors from diverse parts of the globe, especially China.

The Tourism Ambassador newsletter, is accessible through the Seychelles Travel website at .

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