A380 flights from New York to Asia start tomorrow

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NEW YORK – JFK travelers are in for a treat when a new age of air service starts tomorrow: the first A380 flights to Asia from New York.

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NEW YORK – JFK travelers are in for a treat when a new age of air service starts tomorrow: the first A380 flights to Asia from New York.

Korean Air flight 082 will depart JFK at 2 p.m., Aug. 9 and be the first A380 flight to cross the Pacific from New York. The airline will be adding Los Angeles A380 service in October.

“Our A380 flight is a game changer for New York,” says Korean Air’s Americas Marketing V.P., John Jackson. “We now offer service to Asia that no one else can meet. Our aircraft is roomier, quieter and more comfortable than any other serving the New York area.”

“Our A380 is configured with fewer seats than any other airline to date and has passenger amenities not offered by any other carrier,” Jackson explained. “Our upstairs exclusive Prestige class, duty-free showcase, Celestial Bar and other lounges, combined with the inherent roominess of the A380 aircraft, provide our passengers with an unparalleled traveling experience.”

Korean Air’s A380 has only 407 seats: 12 luxurious Kosmo First Class suites and 301 Economy Class seats on the first level, with the upstairs featuring 94 lie-flat sleepers spaced six feet apart.

Korean Air’s unique Duty Free Showcase has been garnering a lot of attention. The area, at the base of the spiral staircase leading up to Prestige Class, features cosmetics, perfumes, liquor and accessories, with a dedicated cabin crew member on hand to assist and advise passengers with all their shopping needs. Shoppers can see and touch the actual goods, then return to their seats to make their selections in privacy.

“Our Celestial Bar offers our premium flyers the ultimate in in-flight style and relaxation. The new lounge, at the rear of the upstairs, is a unique mix of Asian aesthetics and functionality and is equipped with a hosted bar serving a range of signature cocktails exclusively created for Korean Air,” Jackson added.

There are actually three bars on the aircraft: In addition to the hosted Celestial Bar, there are self-serve bars located in First Class and at the front of Prestige Class.

“We’ve established some valuable strategic partnerships with our new A380 service,” Jackson says. “The Celestial Bar is in partnership with Absolut, and our new First and Business Class amenity kits feature DAVI products, the skincare branch of the world renowned Mondavi wine family. The upscale cosmetics are made of grape and wine extracts from California’s Napa Valley, plus a variety of natural extracts.”

Speaking of natural, Korean Air was one of the first airlines to offer organic salads and breads during flight and now offers low calorie and healthier eating options. It also presents one of the best wine lists in flight featuring California, French and Australian vintages.

Korean Air, America’s largest Asian airline, begins A380 service tomorrow, Aug. 9, the first A380 flight to Asia from JFK.

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