Reunion Island’s “Wondercity” welcomes sixth edition of Electropicales


After celebrating five years of beauty in 2013, inviting the legendary Jeff Mills for the occasion, The Electropicales are preparing a new era for a festival that continues to seek, innovate, and especially not rest. Discover this event for yourself from May 10-17, 2014 in Saint-Denis on Reunion Island.

Boasting an attendance steadily increased since its inception, along with positive feedback from the public and the media, The Electropicales are continuing their momentum around the major themes of dancing and listening, along with thinking and discovering. In 2014, The Electropicales adopted the theme, Wondercity.

This year, the public will be able to party in the buildings of the Old Town Hall of Saint-Denis on May 14, 2014, a classified historical monument that has never been used in this context before. It is one unique way to discover the city.

Several events will be held before this, also being held in emblematic places of the city, such as Cathedral Square or the Barachois. And all this from Saturday, May 10, 2014, will take place in Barachois Jazz mode, which for the first time invites the Electropicales for a common date at dusk on the Barachois. Laurent de Wilde, distinguished pianist, is the featured artist of the event with his FLY project. In the first part, a DJ set of “Improbable Mix” will seduce amateurs and novices for a jazz cocktail at sunset.

On the evening of Thursday, May 15, the bar, Pot’irons, a place for clubbers and residents, will host the Electropicales for the third consecutive year. This year, up to programming in line where the groove is the thread, soul Vincent Corvec, the South African house Da Capo, is spearheading a country whose electronic scene is poised to explode internationally.

Electrocity invites the cream of ethno mix electro and trance music, or how the world of music reinvents itself with or without machines in Cathedral Square. In Barachois, Electrocity invites the best local house scene, starring the thinking of two of the main organizers of underground electro parties heads. That’s before the release Electropicales!

The big news of the festival this year is the establishment of a second stage, called Jamaican Block, dedicated to the sound system culture, the base of all modern dance music, from hip hop to techno. The sound system that has treated reggae lovers for several years, the OBF sound system, will come from Geneva where they have played major European events, most currently the Telerama Dub Festival. They will be preceded by two of the most active sound systems and dub reggae of the island and O’Fischa Ker Faya – a wall of sound in a most Jamaican tradition.

Stage Champ Fleuri is always at the heart of the festival, the nerve center of Wondercity. The first evening of May 16 will begin with the revival of trip hop announced for this year. The local version of Lung will rise from Fakear, followed by the punk fury Sexy Sushi to ignite the evening, without forgetting the local star Lan-K.

For the second night, Saturday, May 17, the main stage is heavily techno live. Associated with DJ’s music, techno has seen this early machine practice develop. The festival will feature three generations of musicians who gave their nobility to techno live: one of the first to have done this in France in the 90s, Scan X, will be accompanied by one that marked the 2000s, Vitalic, and the young guard 2010 energy rock, Spitzer. Of course, it is a Reunion live that will complete the picture – the solid Abuse and frisky newcomers Do Moon.

For this sixth edition, the stage of Champ-Fleuri becomes Wondercity. The visual arts are featured: a whole scenography around the theme Wondercity imagined by the artist William Lebourg and Superscript2 + Martial Geoffre-Rouland, digital dressing concocted by lecollagiste, graf of interventions signed Semz, and South African Ello.

On Saturday, May 17, 2014, it is up to Electropoles. This is both a picnic, an after, a before, a village to the public, and a day of speed dating between local and professional artists. This is where one may discover, understand, enjoy, see where to rendezvous with friends to share a drink, deepen their knowledge of digital culture, and have their first contact with the electronic music family. It will be a opportunity to enjoy a drink mix, a graffiti workshop for children, musical stands activists, publishers, and civic associations.

Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) is a partner of the Electropicales festival of electronic music and visual arts. On this occasion, a team of Radio Nova (600,000 daily listeners on the national network) will broadcast live on the island throughout the festival, as well as a reporter for the national daily Liberation (754,000 readers per day).