New wing of Kyoto National Museum unveiled in travel documentary


“Exclusive Resorts and Day Spas” with Alexander Shambly is the first TV program and film crew in the world invited to film the new wing – The Collections Hall – of the Kyoto National Museum.

The excavation survey conducted in preparation for the construction led to the discovery of the ruins of the foundation stones that supported the pillars of the South Gate of Hoko-ji Temple and its original location. The warlord, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, had this stonewall constructed for Hoko-ji Temple in Tensho 16 (1588), shortly after the construction of the temple was decided upon. Originally, an earthen wall stood on the stone foundation. Remains of a pillar that once stood in the southwest corner can still be seen in place today.

After its reconstruction, Hideyoshi had a corridor, instead of an earthen wall, running along the top of the stone wall. The GoJo Bridge pillars and beam at the Koto National also feature at the Kyoto National Museum. These pillars and beam dated Tensho 17 (1589), were originally part of the construction project of the Great Gojo Bridge across the Kama River in Kyoto by the Warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536-1598). The four structures, inscribed on this structure – Tsu no kuni Mikage – indicate that it was brought over from Mikage (present-day Kobe) Settsu Province.

The museum which is now under reconstruction will unveil this special wing early next year and will be one of the major features in the upcoming Kyoto documentary. The travel documentary will also feature Japan’s foremost tourist destination and historical region of Kyoto.

The Japan episode will focus on famous shrines, the legendary Gion district which is world renowned for its origin of the Geisha (Geiko and Maiko), and a few special surprises including the most luxurious business hotel to be in residence when visiting Kyoto. The “Exclusive Resorts and Day Spas” TV program will also showcase haute cuisine featuring some of Japan’s culinary masters based in the region.

“Exclusive Resorts and Day Spas” with Alexander Shambly is one of the most-viewed Lifestyle TV programs globally, featuring luxury resorts, hotels, and attractions. The content can be viewed on the Cox Media network, National Geographic channel, the Travel channel, the Discovery channel, and The Living Network (TLC) in Australia.

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