Crime in the Caribbean is a threat for all, ECOT says


eThe Ecumenical Coalition on Tourism, a group advocating, “another kind of tourism is possible,” has voiced its concern over reports of a spike in crimes in the Caribbean.

ECOT, which is an organization known for questioning who really benefits from tourism, has called the recent developments in the Caribbean ”a shocking picture.” The advocacy group is responding to a report that the alarming rise of crime and its disastrous effect on the societies and economies that are often relying on tourism.

Referring to a comment in the The Times article that tourism has been a great benefit for the Caribbean peoples, ECOT has said it “is far from being the truth for all.”

The advocacy group contends that cruise ship tourism, the most prominent form of US-driven tourism to the Caribbean, is one of the most polluting and disastrous forms of tourism.

ECOT added that poverty and conflicts are important issue interconnected with poor education coverage, gender and other discrimination, HIV/AIDS infections and inadequate health facilities.

According to ECOT, governments and economies are highly dependent on their international treaties and connections. ECOT said: “The creation of a non-corrupt, transparent and healthy state is nevertheless in their power. It seems the time for the civil society including the churches (who have a long history in the social movements throughout the Caribbean) to get together and demand their rights for a healthy, humanitarian, just, and ethical life for the present and future generation.”