Is Vladimir Putin rebuilding the Soviet Union?


Critics accuse Russia of increasing pressure on Armenia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics to shun trade deals with the European Union in favor of closer alliances with Moscow. The deal, was backed by 77 members of the 131-seat National Assembly mainly representing President Serzh Sarkisian’s Republican Party of Armenia (HHK). Deputies from the three opposition parties represented in the assembly as well as the opposition-leaning Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) walked out of the main parliament auditorium in protest.

Vladimir Putin is moving surely (but not this time slowly) in Eastern European former communist bloc and his recent success to gather Armenia in Custom Union has a financial impact on both the countries. The Armenian parliament has ratified natural gas agreement with Russia. Under the agreement, the Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom will gain full control of Armenia’s natural gas distribution company ArmRosgazprom. Gazprom previously owned 80 percent of the company and now receives the remaining 20 percent of shares. Gazprom will also control all of Armenia’s gas imports until 2043.

Armenian parliament expresses that it feels comfortable living with “Time Tested” friend—Russia instead of “Yet to be Tested”—European Union.

Ukraine is divided and western Ukraine has a historical background of bitter relations with Russia so Putin leaving Ukraine in hang in balance and moves fast to Armenia and Central Asia where he successfully managed Kyrgyzstan to join Custom Union. Armenia is not bordering Russia but becoming most closer ally of Russia.