Reunion Island to honor Christmas market


REUNION – The inauguration of the 11th edition of the Christmas market in Aix en Provence took place on November 23. On this occasion, the island of La Reunion and Russia joined forces to offer the general public a musical combining of “fire and ice.”

The Culture Association meeting, chaired by Nicole Hoyez Pitou, participated for the 7th consecutive year at Cottage Christmas Aix en Provence on the Cours Mirabeau. Invited by the Trade Association Pays d’Aix – Eastern Europe, responsible for organizing the inauguration of the Christmas market, the island of Reunion has been associated with Russia in the opening spectacle of “fire and ice.”

The Culture Association represented the island at the official cocktail opened by the Mayor of Aix -en- Provence, Maryse Joissains – Massini, on November 23. On this occasion, Reunion specialties were offered to guests with the support of the IRT (Reunion Island Tourism). The inauguration was done in music with the provision of an opera singer accompanied by a saxophonist, and the respective representatives of the island of La Reunion and Russia.

Fifty chalets opened their doors to the public for this Christmas event, where nearly 500 spectators gathered. France Bleu Provence provided coverage of this event, where more than 30,000 people are expected on the Cours Mirabeau as the event runs until the end of December, which will benefit from the lights, ridesc and colorful stalls of the chalets for Christmas.

On site, the Culture Association makes real work of promoting the destination in the PACA region. A highlighting of the island of La Reunion is done mainly through the tourist information sent by the IRT, which contains information on accommodation and leisure activities offered by the island of La Reunion.