International tourism exhibition in Kragujevac, Serbia


In Serbia, the fifth international fair of tourism and rural tourism started on Thursday November 28th, in the main hall of “Sumadija Fair” in Kragujevac. This year fair is attended by over a hundred exhibitors.

This report was taken by the Serbian media attending the event
The fair will last for three days, and during the fair will be organized panel discussions and lectures on tourism. The fair is organized jointly by “Sumadija Fair” and the Tourist organization of Kragujevac (TO Kragujevac), with the support of the City of Kragujevac.

Ivica Samailovic, director of “Sumadija Fair” welcomed everyone and thanked patron, the city of Kragujevac, and to the Tourist organization of Kragujevac for “excellent preparation and implementation of the fair”.

Snezana Milisavljevic, director of the Tourist organization of Kragujevac, pointed out that they have managed to modernize tourist offer in the last 5 years and that a lot has changed since the first fair. She said that during this time only TO Kragujevac team remained the same. Milisavljevic also introduced new uniforms which, from that day on, will be worn by all members of TO Kragujevac.

Snezana Milisavljevic also pointed out that international experts believe that the prospect of Serbia lies in tourism,
agriculture and rural tourism.

“It us on us to show what we know and what we can do, because we have plenty to offer, and I hope that we will use everything in the best possible manner,” said the director of TO Kragujevac.

Gordana Plamenac, director of the Tourist Organization of Serbia (TOS), welcomed everyone, and pointed out that many things have positively changed since the last fair in Kragujevac.

“Serbia is not a tourist destination for the ”first” vacation, but for short breaks, holidays of special interest. The most important thing is that this event has reached its profile, is developing in this direction and showed that the rural tourism is our advantage,” said Gordana Plamenac.

In addition to the stalls of tourist organizations and travel agencies, stand “Serbia 4 youth” stood out on the fair, where young, attractive girls were present.

Since we were not aware of the existence of this organization, we asked Marija Andric, one of the volunteers on the stand and a member of “Serbia 4 youth” to introduce us with the organization.

“Organization ’Serbia 4 youth’ is engaged in connecting young people all over Serbia, with the aim to allow them to explore Serbia and see all of Serbia’s natural beauties, monuments, visit events throughout Serbia and everything else that is interesting to young people. It also organizes trips for groups of young people. Otherwise, every trip, no matter how long it is, contains a night out, because it is something that attracts young people, to learn something new,” said Marija Andric.