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Why? Netherlands’ first ‘transgender crosswalk’ leaves people scratching their heads

Why? Netherlands’ first ‘transgender crosswalk’ leaves people scratching their heads
Netherlands' first ‘transgender crosswalk' leaves people scratching their heads

Netherlands’ city of Almere has claimed the unique (though quite dubious) ‘distinction’ of presenting the world with the first-ever ‘transgender’ crosswalk.

A city outside of Amsterdam opened its tri-color pedestrian walkway in a show of support for transgender people. Purportedly the first of its kind, the crosswalk is painted pink for girls, blue for boys, and white for those who feel that their biological sex doesn’t reflect who they really are.

Alderman Jerzy Soetekouw said during the crosswalk’s opening ceremony that “everyone can be who they want to be” in Almere. “It is a city where everyone can feel valued, including the Rainbow community,” he added.

The colorful zebra crossing has left social media users scratching their heads.

“Can I walk over it as a straight man?” one netizen wrote. “Or is it only for LGBTQRSTUVW-ers?”

“As a * trans * woman, I find this pointless and unnecessary. Is there also a Hetero crosswalk or a gender neutral crosswalk?” wrote another commenter.

“A bit silly for those transgender people that they now all have to go to Almere to cross,” another joked, while more pointed out that such moves only increase the division of society.

Whatever its merits, one can only hope that drivers see through the woke paintjob and understand that a transgender crosswalk functions like any other, and means ‘stop.’

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