Demand for alternative accommodation in Brazil


A recent study reveals that international tourists traveling to Brazil are staying in alternative accommodation in greater numbers. In recent years, hostels, campsites and rental houses, rose by 6 percent, putting it at 17% of the total international visitor accommodation market. Hotel still hold the largest market share at 50.6%.

“The study shows that the lodging sector in Brazil has a variety of options able to please all tastes,” says the President of Embratur, Flavio Dino. The study was conducted by the premier academic institution in Brazil, FGV and was commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism/Embratur.

The survey also shows the economic impact of foreign tourists for the Brazilian economy. The average foreign leisure tourist in Brazil spent $73.77 per day in the country. The average foreign business tourist spent more than $120.25 per day. Keeping with the trend observed since 2009, the Internet became the main source of information when organizing a trip. One in three (33.6%) researched where to stay and what to do during the visit online. 30% sought information from friends and relatives. And 9.9% used travel agencies. The International Tourist Demand survey, conducted since 2006 with foreigners leaving Brazil, has also released its most up-to-date findings. The survey shows that hospitality, gastronomy and restaurants are the best-evaluated items by respondents and price, telecommunications and roads have the worst ratings.