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Conclusion on Boeing 737 Max: Boeing bullying FAA to take control of FAA safety certification

Conclusion on Boeing 737 Max: Boeing bullying FAA to take control of FAA safety certification
Boeing 737 MAX
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The Boeing 737 MAX situation is not an aberration. It is the logical result of a corporate strategy to take control of safety certification regulation from the FAA. Boeing chose this strategy to increase profits and maintain its competitive position as the top airline manufacturer. Boeing persuaded Congress to incrementally grant Boeing more control over safety certification, touting a safety record built upon decades of strong government regulation. Instead of recognizing this key role of government regulation, Boeing took it for granted and falsely argued that giving it control over its own safety regulation would cut delays and expenses while not harming safety.

The MAX should never have been certified as safe to fly. Fifty years of changes to the original 737 design led Boeing to the situation where a single sensor controlled a critical system without pilots or the FAA knowing the existence of the system or its full capabilities. The Boeing corporate strategy to avoid government regulation has backfired in a horrible and tragic way. The 737 MAX profits have turned to losses. Thousands of jobs have been lost. Boeing’s safety reputation has been ruined, dragging the FAA’s down with it. Three-hundred-forty-six innocent lives have been lost in 2 crashes in 6 months due to Boeing and FAA greed and incompetence. The entire U.S. commercial aviation industry has been placed at risk. A white paper was written by on how the 737 MAX was unwisely certified and what needs to be done.

This is the conclusion reached by under the run by Paul Hudson, President. Read the full article at

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