Tourist services cancelled as super typhoon heads for the Philippines


Passenger and cargo services have been cancelled in the Philippines as the country prepares for a hit by Super Typhoon Utor. Forecasters are saying this super typhoon could have a devastating effect on the islands, bringing winds up to 150 mph, heavy rain, and waves up to 40 feet. Heavy rains may also cause flooding and mudslides.

There are approximately 7,500 people stranded at ports due to the cancellations, and 47 fishermen are missing off the coast of Catanduanes, according to a report by The Category 4 super typhoon is on a path heading for the island of Luzon, with a population of 48 million on that island alone. The Philippine capital of Manila may also see heavy rains and strong winds.

Super Typhoon Utor, also known as Labuyo, as named by the Philippine weather agency, is expected to move into the South China Sea and then into southeastern China or northern Vietnam early in the week.