Tunisia cancels all international flights


TUNIS, Tunisia – All international flights to and from Tunisia will be canceled on Friday, due to a nationwide general strike scheduled for that day.

Tunisian Federation of Trade Unions called for a general strike on Friday to protest the killing of one of the most prominent opposition leader, Muhammad al-Brahmi.

The representative of the aviation authority said the airport employees responded to the call for a strike. Earlier, the cancellation of all international flights on Friday was announced by the country’s largest air carrier, Tunisair.

The well-known member of the opposition in Tunisia, MP Al-Brahmi was killed on Thursday in the capital. Al-Brahmi was known for his left-wing views and appeals to develop democracy in Tunisia by the “Egyptian scenario” and to remove the Islamists from power. The politician was shot by unknown gunmen outside his home. According to the police, al-Brahmi received 11 gunshot wounds to the head.