Reunion Island Picnic: more than a tradition, an institution


Organized between members of the same family or between friends, Sunday picnic is widespread in the population of Reunion Island practice. So much so that this tradition is now considered an institution in the island, performed throughout the year.

What to do on a Sunday in Reunion Island? Come rain or shine, cold or hot, whether you are young or old, Sunday is the day of the traditional Reunion Island picnic.

Ponds on Reunion Island attract fans of picnics who want to enjoy a nice day on the water and the pure air of the site. The pools and waterfalls are also popular areas for a picnic. Ideal for relaxation, these places are, depending on the season, ideal for swimming.

The organization of this day varies by groups. Some opt for an early morning departure to “reserve” a kiosk to host family and friends for the day. Others provide for a later start to settle on the ground, on a “seizure” or a “mat” carpet of woven leaves that serves as both seating and table.

On the picnic menu, there is no sandwich or even salad. Each carries with it the pot of curry to warm up at the fire. A second practice also exists. This is bringing up all of the ingredients that will be prepared and cooked on the curry fire. Besides the traditional curry, “yellow rice” or the “Zembrocal rice,” respectively embellished with turmeric rice and rice with red beans or potatoes, accompanies curries. Rougail, a spicy condiment, goes with just about everything.

Beyond lunch, big and small benefit from this good time to indulge in various activities: playing cards, dominoes, playing ball, walking in the forest or along the beach, napping in the shade of trees…

On Sunday at all four corners of the island, the 350-appointed reception areas for picnics attract families. Investment sites for picnics vary depending on the season. The coastal areas are arranged most popular in the austral winter period. In contrast, the sites of the island tops are more popular in warm weather to enjoy the cool climate. An air change that makes time for a picnic lunch!