Asiana Airlines released statement with emergency contact information


Asiana Airlines issued the following information through the Star Alliance Network. “We at Asiana Airlines would like express our utmost sympathy and regret for the distress experienced by the passengers of OZ flight 214 and their families as a result of this accident,” said Asiana CEO Young-Doo Yoon at a press conference in Seoul. “We apologize most deeply.”

In order to support all those affected by this tragedy Asiana Airlines activated its emergency response centers immediately following the accident. A special flight is currently on its way from Seoul to San Francisco carrying employees who will be providing further assistance to those affected by this accident and their families.

Friends and family members seeking information on passengers can call the following numbers:

USA: 1-800-227-4262
Korea: 080-669-8000
China: 400-650-8000 (86-10-84510101 for overseas calls)

Asiana Airlines is at the same time actively cooperating with all Korean and US governmental institutions in the ongoing investigation. Korean accident investigators are also on their way to San Francisco to aid in the investigation.

Asiana Airlines flight OZ214 had departed Incheon International Airport on July 6, 2013 at 16:35 (Korea time) bound for San Francisco. On July 6, 2013 at 11:27 (Local time) the accident occurred as the Boeing 777-200ER landed on San Francisco International Airport’s runway 28.

A total of 291 passengers (Comprised of 77 Koreans, 141 Chinese, 64 Americans, 3 Indians, 3 Canadians, 1 French, 1 Japanese, and 1 Vietnamese) and 16 crew were on board the aircraft.

According to the Korean Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Board, 2 passengers sadly died during the accident and an unspecified number of passengers were injured and have been admitted to hospitals in the San Francisco area.