Madagascar presidential elections sees newcomer


The move by many of Madagascar Presidential Candidates to rally to force the sitting President to stick to his commitment of not to run in this coming 2013 election and in so doing to allow Madagascar to return to the Community of Nations is seeing new leaders with the determination of giving Madagascar a way forward. One such personality is Albert Camille Vital.

Journalists in Madagascar are saying that he is proving to be a Presidential Candidate destined to make a difference in Madagascar

A former military professional who then became a career diplomat, Brigadier General Albert Camille VITAL is being billed as one of the most credible candidate who can finally take Madagascar out of the current political quagmire that has kept this country languishing on the fringes of chaos, anarchy and total despair. Vital, it is said right across Madagascar, is not only commands respect, but has this steely and tenacious resolve to put Madagascar on the right track and regain its rightful place amongst the world community of nations. He has a strong sense of belonging and is determined to fulfil his calling to a higher and nobler task of serving the highest office in his beloved country.

Mr. Vital was born on July 18th 1952 in Tulear, Southern Madagascar and is married with 5 children. He is a Malagasy Army officer, politician and civil engineer. Trained in the USSR, Vital was Chief of the Technical Office of the State Forces Staff Development (1987–1991), and then appointed corps commander of the first regiment of the Military Region No. 5 Toliara (1998–2001) before training at the Ecole Superieure de Guerre in Paris in 2001-2002.

Mr. Vital is currently holding the position of Ambassador of the Republic of Madagascar at the United Nations office in Geneva – Switzerland. His experience on the international scene, working in such a prestigious position puts him in the forefront and ahead of the divisive politics that has plagued ‘La Grande Ile’ for several decades now. He is now one of the strongest contenders for the 2013 presidential elections to be held in August. He is also a co-founder of the “Hiaraka isika” association which will serve as the foundation and platform of his presidential campaign. From December 2009 to November 2011, Camille Vital was appointed as the Prime Minister – Chief of government under Andry Rajoelina. Before this, he was the acting president of the Chamber of commerce of Tulear, with a direct responsibility to the joint panel of the Malagasy trade and commerce at the national level.

From 1991 to July 2001, Camille Vital has been commanding officer of the following army corps:
• Commanding officer of the 1st regiment in Tulear.
• Chief of cabinet – All arms headquarter/CEMGAM.
• Commanding officer of the 315th company of Vavatenina-Toamasina.
• Chief technical officer of the Army development Headquarter.

General Camille Vital went through junior high school education in Tulear before moving to Antananarivo and graduating from the Civil Engineering and Technical High School of Antananarivo – Madagascar. He consequently graduated from the Military Academy of Antsirable – Madagascar.

He belongs to the 10th promotion of this famously known school all around Africa. At the international level, Camille Vital incorporated the School of Compeigne as future army chief of staff. His last academic military school was at the Inter army college of Defense (CID) in Paris – France.

General Camille Vital is a very active economic operator at the international level for all activities regarding The African and French Chamber of Commerce and the International Forum of Trade chambers located in Hamburg – Germany.

He is decorated of several medals of Honor such as the Grande Croix of the 2nd class of Madagascar, the order of merit of the Republic of Madagascar, the National order of the Republic of Madagascar and the French Defense order. General Camille Vital speaks several languages such as: Malagasy, French, Russian and English.
He is a sport lover, being president of one of the best handball club in Madagascar and a great dancer as well.

The electoral campaign is heating up and Madagascar knows that it needs a new President who will be accepted and respected by the Community of Nations. Albert Camille Vital is positioning himself as the men to turn Madagascar around.