Tourists stuck on Chinese roller coaster for 2 hours


CHANGZHOU CITY, China – Investigations were under way into a roller coaster breakdown which left eleven tourists suspended in the air before being rescued by emergency services, China’s state broadcaster CCTV reported.

The incident occurred at noon on Friday at the World Joyland Theme Park in east China’s Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province.

The “Skyloop” began its journey, vertically, up the track but 30m from the ground, the thrill ride suddenly and unexpectedly stopped.

The 11 riders were left trapped, unable to get out of their seats, left staring at the sky.

The Changzhou Wujin Fire Brigade were alerted immediately.

“We opened the safety bars on the seats manually before bringing the tourists to safety one by one,” said Tang Xiaorong, deputy director of the Changzhou Wujin Fire Brigade.

Two hours later, all eleven tourists were freed. And although visibly shaken, no one was injured CCTV reported.

Xu Yingjie, president of the World Joyland Theme Park, told local media that the ride was up to date in terms of the legal safety checks and was certified until September 19, 2013.