Reunion Island bodyboarder reigns victorious


Last Sunday, Reunion bodyboarder, Amaury Lavernhe, won the GSS Itacoatiara. The fourth stage of the IBA World Tour was held in Brazil. Amaury is a well-deserved Ambassador of Reunion Island.

Amaury won the GSS Pro Itacoatiara, fourth stage of the 2013 IBA World Tour in Brazil after completing a course which enabled him to beat Jeff Hubbard in Sunday’s final. “This win is a great joy … I do not think it happens after an average result in Chile (Arica) in May and after the three-day break from competition after the second round. I tried to stay focused and calm. Everything came together during the day, [with a] quarter finals victory. I got my difficult figures … I’m totally happy and super motivated now that I’m shoulder to shoulder with Ben Player!” Amaury said.

In the quarter finals, Amaury beat young Iain Campbell. In the semifinals, he stopped trialist Nicholas Bastos dead in his tracks, who had yet to amass an audience on the beach. In the final, he found Jeff Hubbard also vying for the world title. The two friends competed in an irregular beachbreak after Jeff crossed the road and unleashed a local Dudu Pedra. The ARS 8.63 points in the final made the difference and brought him to the podium. With a beautiful black flip of 8.5 points and this ARS, Amaury scored the highest scores of the day which was decidedly his own, after a stunning victory at the NSW Crusade ASG.

Last April in Australia, here again he led the world with his idol, Ben Player, each with 4,900 points. With this second grand slam he drew a late season boosted by his awaiting fans of Reunion, requiring fitness and technique. Amaury dedicated his victory, among other things, to all those who support him and all dalons of Reunion struggling to survive on the island, so close to his heart and whom he misses so much. “Thank you all, without your encouragement and support, nothing would be possible! Vive La Reunion!” Amaury said.