JetBlue Airways: TrueBlue points won’t expire


NEW YORK, NY – JetBlue Airways announces that TrueBlue members will be able to earn and keep points without the fear of expiration due to account inactivity. JetBlue’s rewards program for frequent fliers takes a further step beyond traditional programs, allowing customers to keep their points for as long as they want. There’s no fine print, no more details to remember. Like, ever.

“Customers can still be loyal even if they’re not traveling every year.” says Dave Canty, JetBlue’s director of loyalty marketing. “Loyalty shouldn’t have an expiration date, and neither should your points.”

Most airline loyalty programs require regular account activity to maintain existing miles or points. From today forward, any TrueBlue points currently in a member’s account and any new points earned will remain in the account until the customer is ready to redeem them. Period.

With this addition to the TrueBlue program, JetBlue continues to improve the overall customer experience by moving even further away from the industry norm of limiting loyalty redemption with red tape, limited reward availability, or devalued ‘miles.’ JetBlue is taking a stance that their loyalty program should be about encouraging all customers regardless of their travel habits. Think of it as TrueBlue, JetBlue’s rewards program for even infrequent fliers.