Suspect in grenade attack shot dead in Nairobi

(eTN) – Reports just breaking from Nairobi speak of one suspect in the Eastleigh area of Nairobi being gunned down in a shootout with security operatives, who had cornered him. Local residents had tipped off police that a man, fitting the description of the suspect of the Nairobi incident, was hiding in a flat, and when police had cordoned off the area and tried to arrest him, he died in the resulting shootout.

A gun and ammunition were recovered from the scene but it was not clear at the time of uploading this article if explosives were also found in the flat.

Forensic tests on explosive traces and fragments confirmed, according to the same source, that both attacks were using the same type of grenades, firming up suspicion of Al Shabab involvement. The two incidents occurred after months of relative calm and have caused some concern among tourism stakeholders.

One, preferring anonymity, though just responded to a mailed query and said: “This is the result of good police work and of wananchi assisting in such investigations. As long as we are all vigilant, security can be maintained at very high level. Tourists need not worry about their safety because our beach resorts, city hotels, and safari lodges are very well protected. No one should stop coming to Kenya because of such an isolated case.”

Well done to Kenya’s security forces for their swift and decisive action and a speedy recovery to all those injured in Sunday evening’s incidents.