IIPT and Skal set goal to dedicate 300 Peace Towns and Villages


STOWE, Vermont & TORREMOLINOS, Spain – The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is proud to announce the IIPT/Skal Peace Town project, a joint partnering initiative with Skal international. A goal has been set for the dedication of 300 Peace Towns and Villages in the first year of the project, each committed to building a culture of peace in their respective communities.

Each IIPT/Skal Peace Town or Village will support a positive and dynamic concept of peace that goes beyond the traditional passive notion of peace as simply the absence of conflict. A Peace Town or Village will therefore be actively committed to promoting values of tolerance, non-violence, gender equality, human rights, youth empowerment, environmental awareness, and sustainable social and economic development. Collaboration between and among IIPT/Skal Peace Towns and Villages will be encouraged as well as information sharing regarding Peace Town/Village initiatives.

In announcing the Peace Town/Village project, IIPT Founder and President, Louis D’Amore said: “We are most honored that Skal International, the world’s largest membership organization of travel and tourism industry executives, has agreed to join with us on this initiative. Skal International has more than 18,000 members in 450 cities and 85 countries, and with members from each sector of the industry, is an authoritative voice for the travel and tourism industry.”

Skal International President Mok Singh stated: “Skal International is delighted to join with the prestigious International Institute for Peace through Tourism in the execution of this laudable project. Establishing Peace Towns and Villages throughout the world is completely consistent with our core values to build collaterals for peace. These Peace Towns and Villages will stand as our commitment to the ideal of World peace. We look forward with confidence to our ongoing cooperation with IIPT in this and other projects.”

Towns and Villages anywhere in the world are invited to become an IIPT/Skal Peace Town or Village. Please email: ljd@iipt.org to express your interest.

The Peace Towns/Villages project is the third legacy project commemorating IIPT’s 25th anniversary year since its First Global Conference: Tourism – A Vital Force for Peace held in Vancouver, Canada 1988.

Other legacy initiatives include the IIPT Consortium of Collaborating Universities which now has more than 20 participating universities from regions throughout the world including Africa, Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean and South Pacific. The second legacy initiative announced this past month is Peace Tours Morocco – also in partnership with Skal International. Peace Tours Morocco is a product developed by IIPT Partner Munditinera-Cultural Bridges International and is being distributed throughout the world in collaboration with Skal International. A portion of all revenues from the tours will be donated to the International Red Cross, Geneva in support of their programs for victims of armed conflict.

The IIPT/Skal Peace Towns Initiative builds on the foundations of more than 450 IIPT Peace Parks that have been dedicated to Peace in cities and towns throughout the world beginning in 1992 with IIPT’s “Peace Parks Across Canada” project commemorating Canada’s 125th anniversary as a nation.

For more information about IIPT, visit www.iipt.org
For more information about Skal, visit www.skal.org