Reunion Island welcomes third installment of IOMMA


For the third consecutive year, IOMMA, the Indian Ocean Music Market
Association), was held from June 4-6, 2013 on Reunion Island. This music market event in the Indian Ocean is the opportunity to meet and talk to artists and professionals of the Indian Ocean area and those from America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. The event program is a series of meetings in the form of conferences and workshops, face-to-face business meetings, and four island evening concerts.

The IOMMA, which for two years has had the support of Europe, aims to organize, structure, and support the artists and professionals in the music industry in the Indian Ocean. This is to expand the regional network to other networks and international counterparts and allow artists to the Indian Ocean to gain notoriety and to export worldwide. To do this, this new edition will be based on PRMA (Regional Pole of Contemporary Music) through its President, Jerome Galabert, which is at the head of the strategic direction of the project and monitors its implementation.

With 250 local and international professionals (programmers, turners, producers, institutions, and media) from more than 20 countries, 20 groups of the Indian Ocean region ( from Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Reunion, South Africa, Kenya, India, Australia), for three nights and three days the discovery and sharing of music and more than 400 meetings between outside professionals and local professionals takes place. IOMMA 2013 is the new music platform for the Indian Ocean area.

“It’s a real pleasure to meet [here]. This market is essential and is taking root. This is proof that the potential of the Indian Ocean is real. It is also important to be surrounded by professionals, and this reinforces the investment SACEM,” stated Patrick Mathieu, regional delegate of SACEM.

Program of conferences, workshops, roundtables

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 – Hotel Floralys

1000-1200: Presentation of the music market in India (conference)
1000-1200: Forum of African festivals (workshop)
1000-1200: Music Sync (tool box)
1000-1200: Place turners and labels (one to one)
1400-1600: Issues and news of the electro scene in the Indian Ocean (round table)
1400-1600: Design a tour of India (workshop)
1400-1600: Music publishing yesterday and today (tool box)
1400-1600: Place rooms

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 – Hotel Floralys

1000-1200: Music and brands (conference)
1000-1200: Issues and news of the jazz scene in the Indian Ocean (round table)
1000-1200: Turn Australia (tool box)
1000-1200: Square music markets (one to one)
1400-1600: The musical creation in India (conference)
1400-1600: Turn in South Africa (tool box)
1400-1600: Festival Place (one to one)

Thursday, June 6 – Hotel Floralys

1000-1200: Archive, scan, “How to write the history and the current value” (conference)
1000-1200: The (tool box) Web tools
1000-1200: Place the Indian market (one to one)
1400-1600: Regulation to run in France and around the world, “the ten key export” (conference)
1400-1600: Strategies for promotion and PR (tool box)
1400-1600: Square General tour (one to one)

Program showcases

Tuesday, June 4 – The Docks
Evening roots, rock & docks

Roots scene

1800-1830: Teta
1900-1930: Regis Gizavo
2000-2030: Damily
2100-2130: Tricodpo
2200-2230: Urban Phileas

Rock Scene

1830-1900: Thermoboy
1930-2000: The brother moves on
2030-2100: Warfield
2130-2200: Nova Heart

Docks Scene

2230-2300: Teddy Boy Kill
2300-2330: Psychorigid

Wednesday, June 5 – Theatre Luc Donat

1900-1945: Tiloun
2000-2045: Maya Kamaty
2100-2145: Olivier Ker Ourio

Thursday, June 6 – Room Kerveguen
Focus on Australia

1700-1745: King Fisha
1800-1845: Electric Empire
1900-1945: True Live