Dog days of summer spur rush to travel

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The sultry dogs days of summer mark the end of the long vacation period when the kids are out of school and the family can plan a great trip together.

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The sultry dogs days of summer mark the end of the long vacation period when the kids are out of school and the family can plan a great trip together. And with the Labor Day weekend less than a month away, many will be heading out for one last trip.

Before you rush out, use this handy checklist to make sure your trip goes as planned.


– Prepare a first aid kit adapted to your particular trip (mosquito repellent, sun screen, etc.).

– If you deal with a chronic health issue(s), it would be best to discuss travel plans with your doctor(s) to ensure that you are medically able to take the trip.

– Make sure to keep up with your daily regimens when it comes to any medical treatment. Always carry a duplicate copy of your medical prescriptions that specifies the international names of all medications. This is helpful in an event that you have to replace them or find their local equivalents in another country.


Make sure you do your homework! Read up about where you are going, especially if you are planning to travel out of the country. Know what is happening in that particular country or region, and inform yourself about any requirements and conditions.


– To avoid dehydration: Drink at least one liter of water every four hours, remove your contact lenses or moisten them regularly with saline solution, or apply anti-inflammatory disinfectant eye ointment recommended by your ophthalmologist.

– To ensure adequate circulation: Make sure to wear loose clothing while traveling and remove your shoes when you can. Get up and move around as much as possible to get the blood flowing. Do some exercises for your leg and calf muscles.

– If you experience air sickness: Try to sit near the middle of the aircraft. Avoid eating copious meals, and consuming large quantities of alcohol while in flight. Most importantly, try to get some rest.


– Don’t forget to bring along your eyeglasses, reading glasses, or contact lenses. It’s important to pack a second pair of contact lenses just in case you misplace one or both.

– Choose well-adapted sunglasses with UV protection. The same goes for sunscreen, which should be appropriate for your destination, your skin type, and a possible allergy.

– Take along a cervical cushion for back support on long trips on the plane or in a car.

– Remember to bring: country and regional maps, city maps, guidebooks, a compass, flashlight, batteries, camera, and electrical adapters.


Always have your passport, credit cards, travelers’ checks or cash, and your medication on you at all times. Never place these items in your luggage or in the baggage compartment of the plane.


– Before leaving, get yourself in shape. This will enable you to choose the level of difficulty of your physical activity according to your physical condition.

– When possible test your equipment before leaving, particularly your walking shoes.

– Before trying a new activity, take your time getting comfortable with the sport and the equipment. For example, if you want to try scuba diving, get used to an aquatic environment first (swim, look under water, etc.); this will help relieve any apprehensions.


Make sure to purchase travel insurance so you can have confidence no matter where you travel. Travel insurance is available from many travel providers, including airlines, online travel agents, and retail travel agents, as well as directly from travel insurers.

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