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China’s Hainan resorts lure Russian tourists with ‘all-inclusive’ offers

China’s Hainan resorts target Russian tourists with “all-inclusive” offers
China's Hainan resorts target Russian tourists with "all-inclusive" offers

The resort city of Sanya on the southern end of China’s Hainan Island, plans to compete with Turkey in tourism from Russia. To this end, Hainan resort hotels have begun to introduce an “all-inclusive” system, aimed at Russian tourists notorious for their love of “khalyava” – an untranslatable concept, similar to the concepts of “freebie” and “getting something for nothing”.

According to the president of the board of directors of the international tourism service of the city of Sanya, Wang Dong Chin, China intends to adopt the experience of Russian tourism in other “budget” countries and become more competitive in that field.

Chin also said that Turkish experts were invited to Hainan hotels to set up an all-inclusive system. Initially, the system will be implemented in “five-star” and “four-star” properties. Then specialists will get to hotels with three or less stars.

It is noteworthy that the cost of hotel services that will be connected to the all-inclusive system will not change. According to Van Dong Chin, a 6-day stay at the resort will cost about 50 thousand rubles (about $780) per person.

Russian tourists already account for over a third of total tourist flow at Hainan resorts.

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