UFTAA meets with IATA in Kuala Lumpur


Aleks Popovich, IATA’s Vice President for Industry Distribution and Financial Services had a cordial meeting, with the Board of UFTAA on April 18, 2013, soon after his presentation to all delegates attending the 46th UFTAA Annual Congress and General Assembly.

The meeting discussed the future cooperation between IATA and UFTAA. Both sides agreed on the need of increased cooperation between the two bodies.

Mr. Popovich stated that he believes in dialogue and is always ready to listen to the travel agents’ side of the story in all IATA matters. He invited UFTAA to actively participate in forums initiated by IATA in order to maintain the dialogue with the travel agents. The issue of developing a new agency agreement together with the introduction of IATA NDC projects was also discussed. Mr. Popovich once more invited UFTAA to also form part of a forum that will be studying the implementation of the program. He emphasized on the importance of UFTAA’s position. The Board warmly welcomed the invitation and assured Mr. Popovich of its participation in attending the scheduled joint airline-agents forum.

The elected UFTAA President Mr. Joe Borg thanked Mr. Popovich for his attendance, and welcomed Mr. Popovich’s suggestions and assured him of UFTAA’s collaboration in matters that are vital to the travel trade. Mr. Joe Borg assured Mr. Popovich that UFTAA has always been cooperative, even at critical times, and that he and the new Board will work towards the betterment of the Travel and tourism trade in general and the travel agents in particular. He expressed his hope that the proposed NDC will serve as a modern tool in this ever growing IT industry and that it will be beneficial to both the suppliers and the agents.