Mauritius tourism events cancelled


The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) and the Ministry of Tourism of Mauritius confirmed that Mauritius will not be staging a second edition of their Shopping Fiesta and Carnival. The original event was organized in 2012.

“It required too big an organization,” was the reply by Mauritius Minister Michael Sik Yuen to a parliamentary question by National Assembly member Kavi Ramano on April 16. The Minister added, though, that Mauritius did benefit from added visibility through the event.

Mauritius National Assembly member Kavi Ramano asked what would be happening to the Mauritian Shopping Fiesta Lottery. The draw of this lottery has already been postponed on 2 occasions. It was initially meant to be drawn last December before being postponed to May 31, 2013. The Mauritian Minister said that the lottery has cost some 14 million rupees to the Ministry. To date some 2,000 lottery tickets had been sold out of the 8,000 available tickets.

This Mauritius event was in direct competition to the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Carnival that is staged annually in Seychelles.