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Trinidad to Saint Lucia: From the land of KFC to a land of elegance

Trinidad to Saint Lucia: From the land of KFC to a land of elegance
Saint Lucia sunset at Morgen Bay
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It is only an hour’s flight from Trinidad to Saint Lucia, but they are distinctly 2 different worlds. Trinidad is a commercial and oil hub. Castres, the capital of Saint Lucía, is a slow-moving gateway to a land of mountains, hotels, and life close to the sea.

Arriving in Saint Lucia, Dr. Peter Tarlow, who is leading the SaferTourism program by eTN Corporation which is his reason for being in Saint Lucia, notices that here, he takes in a deep breath and feels calm.

Port-of-Spain (POS), the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, is the business and transportation center of the eastern Caribbean. POS is also the Kentucky Fried Chicken capital of the world. People in Trinidad are devoted KFC followers and claim that their fried chicken is the world’s best. KFC is so popular that it even drove out McDonald’s.

In this part of the world, it is the rainy season. So at this time of year, visitors to POS need to be prepared for all sorts of buckets – buckets of rain, buckets of french fries, buckets of cole slaw, and of course buckets filled with lots of fried chicken flavored with local spices.

Arriving in Saint Lucia, there is no doubt that this is a beautiful island dotted with quaint inlets, harbors filled with yachts, and magnificent mountain views. In just an hour’s flight, the world has changed from beloved fried chicken to gourmet meals along with magnificent expanses of breathtaking views.

In this part of the world, flexibility is the key to success. Where Dr. Tarlow’s plan was to teach at the beginning of the week, he is open to the idea that all things are fluid here. This could all change on a moment’s notice.

Saint Lucia – not for the timid or tightly wound or devoted scheduler of things to do. If one finds an unexpected gap in a schedule due to an unplanned change, head to a KFC store. Saint Lucia has them, too.

Currently, Saint Lucia is working with and Dr. Peter Tarlow. He has over 2 decades of experience working with hotels, tourism-oriented cities and countries, and both public and private security officers and police in the field of tourism security. Dr. Tarlow is a world-renowned expert in the field of tourism security and safety.

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