Moscow hosting international tourism exhibition


MOSCOW, Russia – Ministers of tourism and culture from 17 countries have come to Moscow to take part in a summit to discuss development of the global tourism industry. They talked about challenges to tourism around the world, and discussed visa regimes, market experiences, and tourists’ safety.

The summit has been named as the inaugural Moscow International Tourism and Travel Exhibition. It opened in the Russian capital on Wednesday, and will run for the next 4 days. Cuba was chosen as an official “travel partner” of the exhibition.

The 1,800 participating companies represent 85 different destinations this year. They include tourism boards, travel agents, hotels, tour operators and other industry professionals.

Over 82,000 people will visit the exhibition over the next few days. The fair is an opportunity for potential tourists and industry professionals more easily organize trips to new destinations around the world.

Russian tourism is a flourishing industry and Russian tourists’ growing incomes give them big spending power. Turkey and Egypt remain one of top holiday destinations for Russians but many are choosing to explore far beyond and travel to exotic and diverse places. This exhibition’s growing number of visitors indicates the industry’s fast development.