Czech tourists abducted from Pakistan shifted to Afghanistan by Taliban


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Two female Czech tourists who were abducted from Chagai Balochistan Pakistan have been shifted to Afghanistan by Taliban, confirmed the Czech Foreign Ministry. Hana Humpaloia and Antonie Chrastecka, were abducted by men wearing paramilitary uniforms from an area near the border of Iran on Wednesday.

The Taliban kidnapped a Swiss couple on this same route in July 2011. That couple was released eight months later after a ransom was paid. Reports indicated it was the Swiss government that directly paid the ransom, although the government denies it paid anything for the release of the couple.

Sources in the Ministry of Interior of Pakistan said there is credible information that the abductors are probably Taliban and will demand ransom directly from the Czech government for their release.

The two women had entered the southwest province from Iran to travel to India via Quetta and Lahore, officials told the media. They were traveling through the Chagai district, 550 km from the provincial capital of Quetta, when they were abducted.