NTA and ATA renew partnership


WASHINGTON, DC – Leaders of two major travel associations, National Tour Association (NTA) and the Africa Travel Association (ATA), renewed their partnership in a signing ceremony here Friday. The ceremony came at the conclusion of ATA’s US-Africa Seminar on Tourism.

Lisa Simon, NTA President, and Edward Bergman, ATA Executive Director, signed a memorandum of understanding that outlines a number of ways that the two associations will interact and work together.

“Connecting NTA with ATA helps our members create new and diverse travel product that will, in turn, give ATA members more visitors from North America,” said Simon. “Africa has an incredible variety of destinations and activities that will appeal to NTA tour operators who deal with specialty markets.”

Simon and NTA Public Affairs Advocate Steve Richer were part of the educational program at Friday’s ATA event, which brought together US tourism professionals with representatives from 18 African nations.

PHOTO (L to R): Steve Richer, NTA Public Affairs Advocate; Edward Bergman, ATA Executive Director; Andrea Papitto, ATA International Advisory Council; Ogo Sow, ATA International Board of Directors; Adele Black, ATA International Board of Directors; and Lisa Simon, NTA President.