Tourists observe natural wonders of nature in Serengeti


(eTN) – Standing on the rooftops of their vans with their cameras up, tourists from all corners of the world are now flocking to Tanzania’s leading Serengeti National Park to witness the birthing season of hundreds of thousands of wildebeests from the other side of the park.

The wildebeest birthing season is now taking place on the Serengeti plains in northern Tanzania, and has attracted tourists from around the world to observe this unique natural wonder of nature as 8,000 newborns are produced each day.

Voted among the Seven Natural Wonders of the African continent, the Serengeti National Park is currently attracting 17,000 tourists each day to observe this calving season, now at its peak.

The wildebeest calving season is expected to last the next 5 weeks when 500,000 calves will be born.

Serengeti warden William Mwakilema said the event brings people to see miracles of nature at the World Heritage Site of the Serengeti.

“This is the only place on Earth where nearly 2 million herbivores are giving birth at the same time in what is known as synchronized calving,” he said.

Though the last months of February and March are registered with few tourists or counted as a low tourism season, about 17,000 tourists were listed to have visited the Serengeti to observe the calving season.

The Serengeti is the place of the greatest wildlife show on Earth, in which some 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,000 zebra, and 400,000 Thomson’s gazelle are the main players – they are born there and are compelled to follow the screenplay until the moment they breathe their last breath.