Luxor Governor: Tourism not affected by recent balloon explosion


LUXOR, Egypt – Tourism in Egypt’s Luxor has not been affected by the recent balloon explosion as none of the booked tours has been canceled after the accident, Luxor Governor Ezzat Saad said on Friday.

A hot balloon carrying 21 people caught fire and exploded in Luxor city on Tuesday, killing 19 tourists and injuring the other two.

The governor reaffirmed that the city of Luxor, about 670 km south of the capital Cairo, is stable and secure but suffers from the consequences of the ongoing political turmoil.

“The great governorate of Luxor, which contains one-third of the world’s antiquities, suffers problems due to the recurrent turmoil in Cairo and the Suez Canal cities,” Saad explained, noting that tourism in Luxor is paying a price for the political chaos in the capital and other governorates.

The governor expressed pessimism about the looming instability in light of the main opposition National Salvation Front’s decision to boycott the parliamentary elections set to start on April 22.