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Israel Captured in a Delicious Bottle of Wine: Pair with a Side of Politics

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Israel wine

Israel is a small country (in the Eastern Mediterranean), with an ancient wine culture (Chalcolithic Era, 4000 BCE) that successfully meets the 21st century wine demands of sommeliers, consumers as well as food and beverage managers.

What is Old is New Again

Wine making in Israel is not a new skill. Ellen Walsh (Viticulture in Ancient Israel) writes, “Viticulture was practiced throughout Israelite history quite simply because it both thrived in the environment and offered worthwhile social and economic benefits to the society.” Wine Spectator magazine praised Israel for its ability to “blend its old-world winemaking techniques with modern sensibilities and tastes.” Lior Lacser, winemaker at Carmel Winery has determined that, “Israel is a great place to make wine.”

In the last decade, wine purchases have expanded from supermarkets, with limited selections, to specialty wine stores that carry everything from wines to accessories and wine refrigerators. Wine courses and wine-tastings are popular.

Israeli Wine and Politics

Israeli winemakers face a myriad of challenges including, in some cases, having to lease plots from the state. the Kibbutz, increasing staff during the harvest. Read the full article at

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