Korean pop idol wave washes over Seychelles


Tony An from idol singer group, H.O.T, and Jaeduc Kim from another top idol singer group, Sechskies, are the very first idol stars who led a “Korean wave” spreading the fever of K-pop to Japan, China, and even to Southeastern Asian countries, arrived in the Seychelles this afternoon.

Meeting the group at the airport was the Seychelles Tourism Board Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Elsia Grandcourt, her marketing executives, as well as the Seychelles Cultural National Troupe.

Korea’s no.1 public TV channel KBS confirrmed their filming in Seychelles of “The World is Delicious – For Your 5 Senses,”which is broadcasted at Prime Time, receiving high popularity.

“The World is Delicious – For Your 5 Senses” is a 30-minute program with 5 episodes in which Korea’s celebrities travel to overseas countries discovering and experiencing the destination’s delicacies. This visit to Seychelles is the first official visit of Korean celebrity. “Tony and Jaeduc who recorded monumental history in the 2000’s K-pop are very excited to visit Seychelles to experience the heavenly nature and taste Creole cuisine,” said Julie Kim, Regional Manager of Seychelles’ Tourist Office in Korea.

The program will feature major Creole food, a variety of activities and cuisines with tuna – from catching to cooking – the cuisine that other celebrities enjoyed during their visit of Seychelles on Desroches; unique fruit bat curry; and the most-loved fish of Seychelles – red snapper, grouper, and parrot fish.

Julie Kim, the Regional Manager of Korea who is organizing this visit, said: “This program is the perfect program for showcasing Seychelles’ unique attractions as Creole culture, Seychellois’ lives, as well as Seychelles’ gifted nature. Also, this program will not only be viewed by Koreans but also a total of 71 in the four corners of the world through KBS World satellite channels which makes it an excellent initiative for publicity of Seychelles.”

Seychelles’ five episodes, which will satisfy all the 5 senses, will be on air on KBS from May 6.

Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP).