Mauritius brings big changes at its Tourism Board with immediate departure of Chairman


Robert Desvaux has been removed from his position as Chairman of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), the island’s tourism board. The change is the result of a decision by the Minister Michael Sik Yuen, the Mauritius Minister responsible for Tourism and Leisure.

Karl Mootoosamy, the CEO of the MTPA, has survived this reshuffle which comes at a time when the tourism industry of Mauritius has been suffering with a lack of visibility in the island’s main tourism market. Robert Desvaux is a personal friend of the island’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Xavier-Luc Duval, who had brought Desvaux onto the MTPA.

By phone yesterday Robert Desvaux said that he leaves with no hard feelings and that he is leaving on a good note. “Mauritius has just won the second place for International Delegations at the Carnival in Seychelles,” he said.

Mauritius has made news in the four corners of the world with their participation at the carnival in Seychelles, and this has clearly bolstered their ailing visibility campaign.