Aviation museum will promote Nigeria’s tourism


LAGOS, Nigeria (eTN) – Nigeria needs an aviation museum that will preserve Nigeria’s aviation history and promote tourism, Ikechi Uko, organizer of Akwaaba Africa Travel Market (AfTM) has said.

Uko said the aviation museum will warehouse some of the disused aircrafts in the country.

Nigeria has recorded more than 15 plane crashes since its first plane crash on November 20, 1969, when a Nigeria Airways BAC VC 10 crashed-landed in Lagos and killed 87 passengers.

In 2012, Nigeria recorded 3 plane crashes, which involved two helicopters and a commercial plane; more than 230 lives were lost in the 3 air mishaps.

“Nigeria needs an Aviation Museum with a hall of fame that will inform, preserve, and promote the aviation history of Nigeria, the players, and the incidents that have shaped the industry over the years,” Uko said in a press statement seen by eTurboNews.

Uko, who is also the Project Director of Seven Wonders of Nigeria, says it is part of the ideals set out to present Nigeria in a new light to grow national pride and generate tourism income.

“An aviation museum, the first-of-its-kind in the west African region, will attract tourism traffic and will educate and empower a new generation of aviators,” Uko said.

“Some of the aircraft are out of production and can be treated as vintage crafts if well packaged,” Uko concluded.